Kiwi jr "Domino"

Kiwi jr 'Domino'
Toronto-via-Charlottetown indie rockers Kiwi jr are gearing up for a NXNE gig later this month, but before they take the stage, they've unveiled a brand new single called "Domino."
Despite their self-perpetuated reputation as clean-shaven college grads, the band's music proves that they've got a fun streak. The new single opens with an onslaught of effect-heavy guitar warbles before settling into a far less jarring, more melodic jangle. Buoyant drums bolster the magnetic guitar lines and bubbly vocals, making for a brisk, upbeat blast of indie rock.
Hitting play below should be just the gentle push that the track needs to knock you over — putting a fresh spin on the idea of the "Domino" effect.
If you like what you hear, be sure to catch Kiwi jr at their NXNE set on June 15 at the Garrison with TUNS.