Kirk Knight "Give 'Em"

Kirk Knight 'Give 'Em'
Brooklyn rapper/producer Kirk Knight is building up even more hype behind his upcoming, to-be-detailed solo project. Putting forth both beats and rhymes, the Pro Era member is giving the faithful something to believe in with his new fire single, "Give 'Em."

The track follows February's "Brokeland," and finds Knight working a slightly paranoid, nervous-tick flow over a smooth, synth-backed beat. Throughout the cut, he assures that he's got no time for whiners ("penny for your thoughts, but you ain't worth listenin'"), makes mention that you shouldn't be sleeping on his rhymes, and lionizes himself as a game changing up-and-comer.

It's yet another promising preview from the Pro Era multi-tasker, and you can stream or download the song through the player down below. Neither a proper title nor an ETA have been offered up behind Kirk Knight's big new thing.