Kirk Knight

'Dust [2013]' (mixtape)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 20, 2016

Kirk Knight is a Pro Era all-star who can work multiple sides of the hip-hop game. After delivering both beats and rhymes on last year's Late Knight Special, the multi-talented musician is focusing on his production work for a tape titled Dust [2013].

An Instagram post from Knight explains that he's dug up a series of instrumentals prepped by "a younger me" way back in 2013.

Spread throughout are vintage soul-sampling pieces like "Answer2Luv," the uniquely clanked-out "TheRightThing," and the wild, ivory-tickling sounds of "Pharaoh($)." "47 [$]tyle" references the numerical life philosophy often alluded to in Pro Era cuts.

"Lately I've been feeling more willing to bring what I make in my cave to life," Knight said of the newly unveiled material.

He added that a brand new beat tape is in the works, but you can kick up Knight's Dust via the player below.

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