Kinski Return with 'Cosy Moments'

Kinski Return with 'Cosy Moments'
Last summer, a rumour floated around that Seattle post-rock outfit Kinski were signing on with Kill Rock Stars to deliver their long-gestating follow-up to 2007's Down Below It's Chaos. The rumour has now been confirmed as fact, and the LP, titled Cosy Moments, arrives through the band's new label home on April 2.

As previously reported, Kinski began work on the LP sometime in 2010 and announced last April that the recording was in the mastering stage. A press release now reveals that the finished product, produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Boris), yields 10 new tunes "filled with the glistening, graceful chords and heavy proto-punk rhythms that have become Kinski's hallmarks over the past 14 years of playing music together." That said, the band apparently have a few new tricks that push their arrangements into a more straight-forward direction.

"We wanted to make something more direct," guitarist Chris Martin said in a statement. "That was the kind of music I kept finding myself listening to and that's what we tried to do. I was getting tired of hearing people step on wah pedals and solo over psych rock. There were so many bands doing that, including us. We've always had poppy, song-ish elements but we took them further this time."

You can stream the somewhat '90s alt-rock-inspired album track "Conflict Free Diamonds" down below.

Cosy Moments:

1. Long Term Exit Strategy

2. Last Day On Earth

3. Skim Milf 

4. Riff DAD

5. Throw It Up 

6. A Little Ticker Tape Never Hurt Anybody
7. Conflict Free Diamonds

8. Counterpointer 

9. We Think She's A Nurse

10. Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process