Kinski Complete New Full-Length, Search for New Label Home

Kinski Complete New Full-Length, Search for New Label Home
Psych fans can rejoice over news that Seattle's Kinski have finally finished their follow-up to 2007's Down Below It's Chaos, but there's a snag to the good news: the band don't currently have a label to put it out.

While the long-running group had been partnered up with the venerable Sub Pop imprint since their "Penthouse" single in 2001, the Stranger reports that the group's contract with the label has since expired.

Not much news has been delivered about the impending album, save for a band post of "The new record is finally finished! It's been mastered right now. More soon!" However, they have apparently been writing the as-yet-untitled record since 2010.

While new song samples have yet to be unveiled, you can check out some Kinski sounds of yesteryear via Down Below It's Chaos single "Punching Goodbye out Front" at the bottom of the page.

If you're in the neighbourhood, Kinski have a handful of gigs around the Pacific Northwest in April and May, so until the band announce a label for their next LP, this could be you best bet to hear the new material. You can check those dates here.