King's X The Marquee, Toronto ON - April 14, 2006

What’s the difference between Good Friday and a great Friday? A King’s X show, that’s what. Probably one of, if not the, most criminally under-looked and under-appreciated American hard rock bands around, the thundering Beatles-meets-Black Sabbath Texas trio continue to pump out album after album and launch tour after tour. This Easter weekend gig found the three members in good spirits and great road form as they showcased material from their nearly 20-year career to a smaller than deserved audience of die-hards. Atypical of most bands, they didn’t go heavy on material from their most recent offering, Ogre Tones, opting instead to deliver a few key tracks, like the bottom-heavy mid-tempo ballads "If” and "Stay,” as well as pulsing album opener "Alone.” Also included in the set were early album staples like "Dogman,” "Over My Head” and "Summerland.” Bassist Doug Pinnick assumed most of the vocal duties on this night, with guitarist and sometimes lead singer Ty Tabor happily playing the role of vocal accompanist along with drummer Jerry Gaskill, who weighed in with the third harmony when needed. For a band this seasoned and experienced, it would be almost impossible to have an off night (although I’ve seen one and it wasn’t pretty). That said, this was one of their more "on” nights and a reminder of just how cruel and unfair the music business can be when it comes to bands that go unrewarded for years of hard work, dedication and talent.