King Tuff

The Other

BY Jenna MohammedPublished Apr 10, 2018

Psych-garage rocker Kyle Thomas, better known as King Tuff, has returned with full-length album The Other, his first since 2014's Black Moon Spell. After four long years, Thomas is taking a more laid-back and mellow approach this time around.
The Other consists of funk-laden tracks that are still true to Thomas's style; he has developed his songwriting skills and layered sound with intertwining keyboards, adding exceptional collaborations like Ty Segall on drums, vocals from Jenny Lewis and Mikal Cronin on saxophone.
"Thru the Cracks" exudes an endlessly playable dreamy vibe, with Lewis's alluring backing vocals. This track touches upon ephemerality, as Thomas reflects on the death of a friend, giving this track depth and substance. Keeping with his neo-psychedelic style, "Raindrop Blue" does not shy away from invigorating saxophone and the heavy bass sound Thomas is known for.
"Psycho Star" and "Neverending Sunshine" are the more dance-y tracks that make The Other much more vast than Thomas's earlier work. Lastly, "No Man's Land" is a mesmerizing sendoff to end the album; slow and triumphant, by the time it's over you're left with a lasting impression.
(Sub Pop)

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