Kim Deal

"Walking with a Killer" / "Dirty Hessians"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 15, 2013

Earlier this year, we learned that on top of her impending Breeders reunion, Kim Deal had started up a singles series, with the first 7-inch featuring new tunes "Walking with a Killer" and "Dirty Hessians." We hope you vinyl-hounds already snatched up a copy, as she's already sold out of the limited pressing. In case you missed out, though, digital copies of the songs went up for sale today (January 15), and you can stream the both down below.

"Walking with a Killer" starts up with a jazzy backbeat, a solid bass thud and minimalist guitar scrapings as Deal softly sings about walking through a cornfield and kissing said killer. The song is a slow-burner, but features a few fiery bursts of six-string noise.

Instrumental cut "Dirty Hessians" is the peppier of the two tunes, and mixes hypnotic Krautrock tendencies with a jumped-up '60s dance beat and a farty fuzz bass.

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