Kilbourne / New World on Fire New Noise of the North

There is a hell of a lot of sound squeezed onto this seven-inch. It all starts off with Calgary’s ever-impressive Kilbourne, who never hesitate to deliver crushingly heavy symphonies of devastation. "Rent” is an intricately layered sonic assault that only confirms the theory that Kilbourne are continuously pushing their own abilities and exploring new structures. It’s followed up by the arresting "Big Trouble in Little Italy,” a daringly arresting song that appeared on their full-length debut Measure of Health. It’s a song that sees the band falling into a realm of epic aggression and sombre beauty. It also gives some insight into just how far vocalist Trezzy Lanz can push her limits. Side b is for New World on Fire, with three blisteringly fast and furious songs are on offer. "Aim Low, You’re Shooting Children Now” is disturbingly elaborate for its rabid pace and sets the tone for the rest of the way through. This BC band incorporate political rhetoric with a combustible blend of thrash metal and punk, making for an intensely frenzied assail. (No List)