KIKI / Various Boogy Bytes Vol. 01

The freeze-frame snapshot of Kiki shaking his head on the cover encapsulates the twisted turbo energy of his techno-centric mix. Disco-soaked and electro-fried, between steady streams of synths and occasional psych flashes, Kiki offers darker shades and deeper beats in Boogy Bytes Vol. 01. Sporting 25 tracks layered into 16, from the opening hook of Fred Giannellis’ "Distant Gratification,” to the digitally creamy slide into Digital Excitation’s "Dream Party,” the sonic glaze of filters and bass reverb give everything an intensity that keeps you hooked till things winds down into the monotone vocals of Infusion’s "Daylight Hours.” The overall sound is often distant and dreamily dark. All is graced with a gooey-thick bass line that warms its digitised favour. The result is a kind of single note but highly addictive tech-house journey. (BPitch Control)