Kid Rock Might Become a U.S. Senator

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 15, 2017

American politics are absolutely ridiculous these days, and whenever we think things can't go further into self-parody something even more absurd happens. Take, for example, reports that Kid Rock is being considered for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Yes, the man who popularized the phrase "Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy / Shake the boogie said up jump the boogie" just might get involved in politics. According to a report from Roll Call, the Michigan Republican Party is considering the American badass for a senate run.

Next year, Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow's senate seat will be up for grabs in an election. Since nothing is surprising anymore in Trump's America, the seat could go to Kid Rock.

Kid Rock has said he's more libertarian than Republican in the past, though that didn't stop him from selling pro-Trump merchandise on his website.

Speaking with the Guardian last year, he said, "I am definitely a Republican on fiscal issues and the military, but I lean to the middle on social issues. I am no fan of abortion, but it's not up to a man to tell a woman what to do. As an ordained minister I don't look forward to marrying gay people, but I'm not opposed to it."

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