Kid Dakota So Pretty

Struggling to come up with a decision as to what to say about Kid Dakota, So Pretty made its way into my consciousness far more often than I had originally expected. Listening to it just once left a strange taste in my mouth, hearing it a second time made me reconsider my previous judgments and each additional listen since then has confirmed any suspicions that So Pretty is actually a pretty great record. Kid Dakota have thrown Rufus Wainwright's sauciness, Elliot Smith's weariness, Doug Martsch's sloppiness and Jeremy Enigk's pretension into a bag, shaken it up and poured out a strange and charming mixture for all to enjoy. This could be classified as a lo-fi affair, but the Minneapolis duo have managed to use low-budget techniques exceptionally well, avoiding the abrasive tendencies that the lo-fi tag usually implies. At first, So Pretty may be a little disappointing - as the record will probably find most of its listeners thanks to the three songs featuring Low's Zak Sally - but with a little patience and the willingness to invest the time into repeated listens, Kid Dakota is sure to grow on anyone with an ear for independent rock. (Chair Kickers Union)