Keys N Krates Live Remixing 101

Keys N Krates <i>Live Remixing 101</i>
Through their live shows across North America, Toronto trio Keys N Krates have quickly developed a name for themselves possessing that rare quality of making talkative punters at the bar instant fans minutes later. The formula is simple, yet staggeringly effective; turntablist DJ Jr. Flo, keyboardist Matisse and drummer Adam Tune have fused a sound that is innovative yet very familiar by reinterpreting and remixing popular songs with a creative and innovative bent.

While former ITF World Beat Juggling and Canadian DMC Champion Jr. Flo pulls from classic 90s hip-hop, Matisse provides the arrangements and Adam Tune holds down the foundation. The results are interpretations so fresh they threaten to rival the adrenalin rush you experienced when hearing songs like Talib Kweli's "Get By" and The Fugees' "Fugee-La" for the first time.

If you managed to miss their recent run of cross-country dates, their new mixtape in association with URB Magazine is Live Remixing 101 and essentially captures the feeling of a Keys n Krates live show in a relentless, consistently enjoyable and studiously paced set that clocks in at just under 32 minutes.

Download Keys N Krates' Live Remixing 101 here.