Kerasphorus Cloven Hoofs at the Holocaust Dawn

Vocalist/bassist Pete Helmkamp didn't wait too long for the dust to settle after the demise of Angelcorpse last year to put together Kerasphorus, a blackened death metal trio with guitarist B. Wolaniuk and much sought-after session drummer J. Read (Conqueror, Revenge). Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust consists of four jam-packed tracks of pure fury. On opener "The Abyssal Sanhedrin," Helmkamp lays down his gravelly rasp, which despite only being able to be partially deciphered, keeps up with the frenetic pace of Read's drumming. And in spite of being a trio, the tracks, especially "Aosoth Paradigm," are orchestrated in a way where not only is there an overall fullness, but the talents of all the members are displayed. It's nice to hear the bass, which always seems to get drowned out. This is a great debut, as it will keep disappointed Angelcorpse fans happy and fans of the extreme underground scene anticipating a full-length. (Nuclear War Now!)