Keoki Misdirected Jealousy

Keoki serves up an album of remixes of last year's Jealousy album. The remixers are American, with Iceland's Gus Gus being the notable exception. The best of the bunch is Deepsky's remix of "Veronica," a pulsating trance affair. Other highlights include the Smitty and Davenport house remix of "This Ain't No Disco" and the Elite Force breakbeat mix of "Pass It On." Some of the tracks retain Keoki's vocals, something I could certainly do without, as he doesn't have much to say, and the remixers have often filtered the words beyond easy comprehension. I don't know how much these tracks have been altered from the originals, but as a collection of modern American electronica featuring trance, breakbeats and drum & bass, it stands up decently enough. (Moonshine)