Kelly Polar I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling

If you like flamboyant, no-holds-barred electro pop then you will like this album. And when you put it on it will hit you in a way that’s absolutely unique to anything you have ever heard before. Classically trained Mike Kelley (aka Kelley Polar) plays nearly all of the album instrumentation — synths, drum machines, strings and vocals — creating a complicatedly beautiful LP. With a good-vibed, yet melancholic, sentiment, the album might have been more aptly titled after its first track: "A Feeling of the All-Thing.” Kelley himself proclaims his vocals on I Need You To Hold On to be like he is "in some psychotic space musical.” Amusingly, this is true and his voice carries a definite resemblance to Depeche Mode that can’t go unmentioned. Lyrically, this album carries moments of genius, over-the-top poetry, as in "Entropy Reigns” ("All that’s in my veins: sweat, tears and champagne, and every night the same over and over”). There is a song about a satellite in orbit forever, waiting to receive a signal. (Environ)