Kellarissa Flamingo

Larissa Loyva makes her solo debut with the brief but startling Flamingo, a shimmering, multi-hued collection of songs that range from quiet, piano-based melodies to disquieting, synth-driven elegies laden with jangle, fuzz and reverb. Former vocalist with P:ano and a member of Vancouver collective the Choir Practice, Loyva ventures into unusual musical territory, often going for atmosphere and mood over traditional song structures and melodic hooks. Highlights include pretty opener "I’ll Sing of Kings” and "Tiny Things,” with its deep layers of lustrous vocals. The disc grows more experimental with each track but returns to a more accessible sound at the end with traditional Finnish song "Taivas On Sininen Ja Valkoinen.” The album’s more experimental tracks, with their unsettling aural elements and eerie vocals, often make this disc a challenging listening experience but much of it is pure delight and Loyva’s creative scope, as well as the beauty of her voice, marks her as an artist to watch. (Mint)