Keita Juma

"Ancient Body Language" on Exclaim! TV

BY Paula ReidPublished Apr 28, 2016

Keita Juma reps Mississauga, but the Bristol-born rapper employs a wide variety of cultural and musical influences to take his music well outside the hip-hop box. His experimental production and thoughtful lyrics give his music a strong identity to set it apart among other artists from around Toronto. In our latest episode of Exclaim! TV, Juma performs "Ancient Body Language," from his EP Chaos Theory, at Toronto's Superwonder Gallery.

Juma made his first appearance on Exclaim! TV last summer with Brendan Philip, but this time around, he goes solo. The electro-infused cut is propelled by a bass heavy beat that pushes his sharp flow to a new level. With visuals of a farmland behind him, he starts off relaxed till the futurist beat introduces another sonic layer and his rhymes get faster. Watch Juma's rendition of "Ancient Body Language" on Exclaim! TV, below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Filmed at The Superwonder Gallery

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