Keb'Mo' Peace…Back By Popular Demand

Kevin Moore has travelled from country bluesman to modern interpreter of songs but has done so in a way that inspires and captivates through an attention to detail, his absolute musicianship and the warmth of his approach. Here he straps his heart to his sleeve and takes a detour from his traditional trajectory with a record of covers from people with songs that are more about the message than anything crassly commercial. And the impetus behind it is that he legitimately believes we have the power to affect change in a world that seems to be lost. Songs by Bob Dylan, Nick Lowe, Steve Stills, John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and the Rascals hardly cover new ground, yet the sincerity with which Moore delivers each classic breathes new life into each message, offering a renewed sense of hope to an audience so desperate for change. And, although the barely upbeat, jazz-like treatments might cause a momentary cringe of elevator-riding proportions, each lyric gets the fresh palette it deserves. This is medicine for our times, if not a calming sedative. Take it nightly. (Epic)