Kayser Frame the World…Hang it on the Wall

Swedish thrash has been done a million different ways before, and Kayser are a band that add another spice to the always successful concoction. Featuring ex-Spiritual Beggars front-man Spice on vocals, Frame the World… sounds like something in between a modern Darkane record and a classic stoner rock release. The combination works, as this album makes it very easy to tap your foot in unison. With excellent production and intensity throughout, this album blows away recent many Swedish thrash albums (i.e. Soilwork’s Stabbing the Drama) clear out of the water. Spice is the party most responsible for the unique sound on display here; although his clean vocals may turn some nostalgic genre enthusiasts away, it’s his consistent barrage of comprehensible fury that gives great character to the entire record. All in all, this relatively new band (formed in 2004) should have a very successful path ahead of them. It will be interesting to see if the slightly-tweaked Swedish thrash will come off sounding as good in the future as it does on this record. (Scarlet)