Katy Perry Sells Catalogue Rights for $225 Million

The singer struck a deal with Litmus Music

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Sep 18, 2023

Katy Perry is the latest artist to sell her music rights for a massive amount of money. Litmus Music has acquired the singer's catalogue for a whopping $225 million USD.

The deal with Litmus — the company co-founded by Capitol Records' former president Dan McCarroll — encompasses all five of Perry's albums, all released by Capitol: One of the Boys, Teenage Dream, Prism, Witness and Smile. Universal Music Group still owns all of Perry's masters.

"Katy Perry is a creative visionary who has made a major impact across music, TV, film, and philanthropy," said McCarrol [via Variety]. "I'm so honoured to be partnering with her again and to help Litmus manage her incredible repertoire."

Perry joins the ever-growing list of musicians giving up the rights to their songs. This year alone, Justin Bieber, Paul Simon, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, Julian Casablancas, Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan and many more have sold some or all of their catalogues.

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