Katray Katray

Isn’t it great when those classically trained kids discover rock? The result in this instance is extremely haunting. The songs are all quite low. There is an evocative, almost unsettling quality about them, but it’s very subtle. It might even make good lullaby music if it weren’t for the unsettling quality. Their music is composed basically of guitars and piano. There is nothing that hits you, but it virtually trickles in and slowly grabs you. The music is also very slow, and very human. Everything sort of melds together, into one mellow rebellion of sounds. What this all comes down to is bluesy folk music, with a bit of a country tinge. And while this doesn’t seem like their purpose, there seem to be ethereal, gothic undertones. Many of the songs seem to be about this duo’s love for each other, but still this CD sounds very lonely. (Burn It!)