Kate Bush Details Director's Cut, Unveils First Single

Kate Bush Details <i>Director's Cut</i>, Unveils First Single
We already knew that Kate Bush would spend 2011 revisiting the past, preparing an album of reworked tracks from 1989's The Sensual World and 1993's The Red Shoes. Entitled Director's Cut, the collection was pegged for a May 16 UK release via Fish People/EMI. Now, we have all the details of that release.

According to a press release, some of the original instruments are the same, but all of the lead vocals and drums are new. Three of the tracks, including the single "This Woman's Work," have been entirely re-recorded. The song "The Sensual World" now contains entirely different lyrics and is called "Flower of the Mountain." Of that track, Bush offered this explanation:

Originally when I wrote the song "The Sensual World" I had used text from the end of Ulysses by James Joyce, put to a piece of music I had written. When I asked for permission to use the text I was refused, which was disappointing. I then wrote my own lyrics for the song although I felt that the original idea had been more interesting. Well, I'm not James Joyce am I? When I came to work on this project I thought I would ask for permission again and this time they said yes. It is now re-titled "Flower of the Mountain" and I am delighted that I have had the chance to fulfill the original concept.

The tracklist is below. It contains four songs from The Sensual World and seven from The Red Shoes. As for why Bush chose to rework these tracks, she said, "For some time I have felt that I wanted to revisit tracks from these two albums and that they could benefit from having new life breathed into them. Lots of work had gone into the two original albums and now these songs have another layer of work woven into their fabric. I think of this as a new album."

You can hear the album's lead single, "Deeper Understanding," below. It features vocals from Bush's son, Albert, who sings with computerized effects on his vocals. He will also appear in a new short film that will accompany the song, which is directed by Kate and stars Robbie Coltrane (aka Hagrid from the Harry Potter series), Frances Barber and Noel Fielding.

The songwriter is currently working on an album of all-new material. This will be her first collection of new songs since 2005's double LP Ariel.

Director's Cut:

1. "Flower of the Mountain" (previously "The Sensual World")
2. "Song of Solomon"
3. "Deeper Understanding"
4. "Lily"
5. "Red Shoes"
6. "This Woman's Work"
7. "Moments of Pleasure"
8. "Never Be Mine"
9. "Top of The City"
10. "And So Is Love"
11. "Rubberband Girl"