Kate Bush Already Prepping New Material for Next LP

Kate Bush Already Prepping New Material for Next LP
It's been a good year for Kate Bush fans, what with the iconic, elusive songstress dropping her new album of re-imagined songs, Director's Cut, last week. Regardless of how awesome it is to get reworked, embellished versions of "Deeper Understanding" and the like, many of us were hoping that a tip from a publicist last January about a "new album" meant brand new tracks. While there's no certainty of a second Bush album in 2011, an interview at least confirms that she's making headway on another batch of tunes.

Though Director's Cut was just released, Bush admitted that she's already working on a proper follow-up to 2005's Aerial.

"I'm working on a new record. It's all kinds of bits and pieces, really," she recently told BBC 6 Music. "There's always ideas buzzing around, but it's whether they actually end up materializing into a song. It's quite an elusive process."

Neither a working title nor a release date was revealed though, so who knows when this disc will actually be released. But here's hoping it's soon.

The chat also brought up the fact that she's only toured once in her 30-plus-year career, back in 1979 for the "Tour of Life," an elaborate theatrical outing that featured numerous set pieces and costume changes. The singer said that she still prefers not to take the stage, despite not hating it as much as people assume.

"People always presume I didn't enjoy that tour. I did enjoy it," Bush explained. "But I haven't got any plans to do any live shows whatsoever. I'm very much engrossed in trying to making new material. I'm extremely flattered that people are interested."