Kardinal Offishal Details 'Kardi Gras Vol. 1: The Clash'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 13, 2015

After recently floating us his new party-startin' "Baby It's U!" single, Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishal has unveiled all of the details behind his forthcoming Kardi Gras Vol. 1: The Clash LP. The celebrations are already underway, but the album arrives in full on October 30 via Universal Music Canada.

The release is Kardi's fifth full-length affair and also the first instalment of the three-part Kardi Gras series. It comes executively produced by the Canadian hip-hop figure and was inspired by his travels through Africa, Jamaica, Europe, Asia and the U.S.

The 16-song album finds Kardinal Offishal working alongside a number of producers and guest artists, with a few notable names including Junior Reid, Quinn Marie, Merna, Glenn Lewis, Hayley Smalls, KES the Band, Stephan Moccio and JRDN.

Also, attaching Kardi to a legacy of music is "One Dream Away," which features a guest appearance from Bob Marley's son Stephen.

"Recording the track 'One Dream Away' with Stephen Marley was truly a dream for me," Offishal said in a statement. "I've loved the Marley family my whole life and along with Damian, Stephen has grown to be one of my favourite artists of all time. Recording in his Miami home for a few days was epic. He shared stories of his father and his life in music that will stick with me forever."

While "Baby It's U!" was a fun-loving track, Kardi Gras Vol. 1: The Clash also weighs in on more serious matters, with "Insert Here" inspired by the swell of police shootings across North America.

The rapper revealed: "When the killings of several black people by police garnered front page attention across the globe, I wrote 'Insert Here' in 20 minutes and did not even put pen to paper. I just sang what I felt."

You'll find a full rundown of the first chapter of Kardinal Offishal's Kardi Gras down below.

Kardi Gras Vol. 1: The Clash:

1. Hope (ft. Merna)
2. Baby It's U!
3. OG (ft. Assassin)
4. No reason
5. To Kill A Shadow (ft. May)
6. C.O.D
7. Real Live Gangsta (They Say) (ft. Junior Reid)
8. Always Carnival Time (ft. KES The Band, Quinn Marie)
9. Insert Here (ft. Hayley Smalls)
10. One Dream Away (ft. Stephen Marley)
11. The Naked Truth (ft. Glenn Lewis)
12. Sunshine (ft. JRDN)
13. That Chick Right There (ft. Chaisson)
14. Do Dat Dance
15. I'm Just A Man (ft. Allan Rayman)
16. Tattoo (Rudebwoy)

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