Karate Some Boots

Three-man indie veterans Karate really know how to treat their instruments. On their fifth release, Some Boots, Geoff Farina, Jeffrey Goddard and Gavin McCarthy embrace their jazzy tendencies to create some complex and swaying pop-oriented rock. Everything seems so precise, with McCarthy keeping the beat playfully, but using his creative juices to stir things up a bit as well. Farina's voice is not so important, playing second fiddle to his exquisite guitar style and Goddard's impeccable bass thumping. "First Release," most importantly, showcases the band in its finest form, moving in and out of a rhythm and venturing into solo territories only to comeback and get back into the vibe. The CD version contains an extra track, the epic slow motion "Corduroy," which is well worth avoiding the vinyl to get. (Southern)