Kappa Chow 42 Jane Street, Guelph ON, July 15

Kappa Chow 42 Jane Street, Guelph ON, July 15
Photo: Tom Beedham
"Kappa! Chow! Kappa! Chow!" The next time Guelph hears that chant screamed at it from Sackville's Joe Chamady and Ilse Kramer, it will know to expect a lean display of corrosive raw energy.
Performing as a two-piece iteration of a band that's recorded variably as a five- and three-piece this year, despite the heavy chain they casually festooned in front of them, the "K" and "C" letters they stood atop their PAs and their matching leopard-print tops, Kappa Chow offered a blistering, no-frills set that stripped punk back to the physical basics of the Stooges.
Chamady attacked an unaffected electric guitar and Kramer stood to beat a tom and snare a la Jesus and Mary Chain-era Bobby Gillespie. Performing inside the doorframe that prevented the majority of the audience from seeing everything that was going on with the other bands playing 42 Jane Street last night (July 15), Chamady and Kramer put on a seamless performance, wasting no time between songs, only screaming their band name to mark their transitions.
At the end of their 20-minute set, which included a snarling, vicious version of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's "Love Potion No. 9," someone loudly declared, "My new favourite band," and everyone in the room looked like they agreed.