Kanye West's New "Yeezy Foam Runners" Look Like Crocs

And Twitter is obviously having a field day
Kanye West's New 'Yeezy Foam Runners' Look Like Crocs
Kanye West may be somewhat of a superstar when it comes to shoe-designing, but his latest line of Yeezys are leaving even his biggest fans confused.
Though they haven't been officially released yet, the latest shoes were leaked by @TheYeezyMafia, and they are really something to behold — because they look like Crocs.
Yes, the beloved-by-grandmas foam clogs.
Naturally, Twitter is having a field day with the hilarious looking kicks. Check out some of the best reactions to the foam Yeezys below.
The shoe is expected to land in April 2020, so start saving up to buy the old ladies in your life a pair.