​Kanye West Just Met with Donald Trump

​Kanye West Just Met with Donald Trump
Following his recent hospitalization, Kanye West fans breathed a sigh of relief when producer Pete Rock revealed that the rapper had returned to the studio to work on new music. Yeezy has since made a few low-key public appearances, but he is back under a flood of flashbulbs after visiting president-elect Donald Trump in New York today (December 13).
The rapper was caught on camera striding into Trump Tower in Manhattan this morning, and while he was tight-lipped around the throngs of media and paparazzi, TMZ is reporting that West is slated to have a 15-minute face-to-face meeting with Trump.
Prior to his hospitalization, West delivered a controversial speech in support of Trump at a "Saint Pablo" show in San Jose. While he admitted to not voting in the recent U.S. election, West told the crowd that if he had, he would've voted for Trump.
He called the president-elect's campaign tactics "absolutely genius," then continued to say: "Sometimes things that you might think are bad need to happen, in order for change to fucking happen. Sometimes you might have to not get your way to really understand what to do in the future, to be able to get your way."
It's still unclear what the exact purpose of West's meeting with Trump is, but at this point we wouldn't be surprised if Yeezy's in talk for a cabinet position, or at least a shared ticket in 2020.
Watch footage of West's arrival at Trump Tower below. 

UPDATE (12/13 10:05 a.m. EST): You can now also see footage of a post-meeting bro-hug between the pair from the lobby of Trump Tower.

West declined reporters' questions, telling them he just wanted to take a photo with the president-elect. Trump, meanwhile, told reporters that he and West were meeting as "just friends." and referred to West as a "good man" that he's known for a long time. When asked what they talked about, Trump responded: "life."