Kanye West Drags Ariana Grande into Drake Beef

"Don't use me or this moment to promote a song"
Kanye West Drags Ariana Grande into Drake Beef
Kanye West and Drake are back to feuding, and following Kim Kardashian West's weigh-in on the matter, Ariana Grande has now been sucked into the drama.
The "imagine" singer jokingly tweeted before her latest single dropped, that despite "grown men arguing online rn," it would be nice if people would instead pay attention to her and Miley Cyrus' new songs.
West has since responded to Grande's tweet, claiming he doesn't like being criticized by people who "love and respect" him.
He went on to criticize Grande for using his latest Twitter rant as an opportunity to promote her new single.
It's pretty rich, coming from a guy who literally used naked wax statues of celebrities in his "Famous" video and dropped a controversial line about wanting to have sex with Taylor Swift.
West didn't stop there on Twitter, though. He opened up about his own experiences facing stigma and urged others to help shift the way culture treats people with mental illness.
West and Drake previously feuded over the shots Drake took at West's collaborator and friend Kid Cudi while he was seeking treatment for mental health.
Grande has since responded, declaring that she hates the internet, but was "sending love" anyway. She followed that by telling her followers to "stop weaponizing mental health."
It's a particularly poignant message given the troubling note Grande's ex-fiancé Pete Davidson posted to Instagram later on this morning.