Kano Home Sweet Home

While grime has certainly garnered copious attention courtesy of records by Dizzee Rascal, Lady Sovereign and Roll Deep, there has yet to be an artist who has truly crossed over into the mainstream. While all the money’s on Sov’s Def Jam debut LP, Kano’s certainly the most deserving, sticking by London’s scene and earning his props as one of its most talented voices, which in turn has earned him appearances on both Run the Road comps. Originally released last year in the UK, his debut album Home Sweet Home has all the street cred, pop hooks and big names dropping dope beats a grime record needs to join the big show. Kano (aka Kane Robinson) even tests other waters (drum & bass, rock, salsa) to ensure he’s given a chance. Some may consider it too ambitious an effort, but he has the obligatory goods to pull just about anything off, whether it be the video game score on "Boys Love Girls,” Mike Skinner’s sensitive touch on the soft "Nite Nite” or the Sabbath-sampling "I Don’t Know Why,” produced by indie dance floor mastermind Paul Epworth. His use of bravado is habitual but not too consuming, boasting his skills on the bouncy beat of "Reload It,” while pulling a 180 and dropping his guard R. Kelly-style on the "Brown Eyes” to show he’s fluent in smooth talking R&B lingo. Home Sweet Home definitely wants to cross over, shooting for a sound far from the standard grime mould. And with his heart and knees deep in the scene that gave birth to him, Kano’s got enough to convince both sides to listen. (We The People)