Kam Move Self-Centered

You wouldn’t think that an artist would feel compelled to adopt a new moniker simply to explain a slight thematic shift in their output, especially in a genre as stylistically limited as underground hip-hop. But this is where North Carolina MC Supastition finds himself at this juncture in his career, reassuming his birth name to accompany the pensive and introspective approach of his latest effort, Self-Centered. Moye describes his "new beginning” on opener "Where & Why,” leading off the string of complementary soul beats that form the record’s musical base. From there it’s a biographical breakdown of what it means to be this humble narrator, from dealing with familial loss ("Give It Up”) to bucking destructive black cultural trends ("Black Enough”). While Moye’s to-the-point writing style could use a dose of metaphorical cleverness to make his relatively commonplace messages stick, the grown man rap tact will no doubt satisfy heads looking for some substance with their hip-hop. (Reform School)