Kali Horse Team Up with Luna Li for New Single "New Spring"

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished May 25, 2023

Living somewhere between performance art and dream pop, Toronto psychedelic art-rock band and Exclaim! Class of 2023 grads Kali Horse — f.k.a. Kaleidoscope Horse — are immersive storytellers who invite the audience into their imagined world with their music. To preview their debut album under their new moniker, they've just released a new song called "New Spring."

Kali Horse is the brainchild of Desiree Das Gupta and Sam Maloney, who have been making music together in Toronto under different names for seven years. They are joined by Cassandra Ellen on percussion, Cameron Kirk on bass and Brandon Bak on drums, and "New Spring" also features Toronto's dream-pop star Luna Li on harp. 

The band says of the new track: "The ice melts and reveals the New Spring. Some Type of Electric Lagoon comes alive, a lush environment with a mind of its own. This bubbly psych-bop has hypnotic layers of acoustic and electric guitars that guide you deeper into the dense atmosphere… the few who walk here are explorers of the known and unknown." 

Check out the self-directed music video for "New Spring" below.

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