Kaito Trust

Hiroshi Watanabe is a long-time fixture on the house and techno music scene. Having studied music composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and DJ-ed at the hottest NYC clubs, Watanabe moved back to Japan in 1999, where the Kaito alias was born. As Kaito, Watanabe has released over a dozen albums, each of which has been graced with a photo of his son on the cover. Devout fans must surely feel as if they've watched Watanabe's son grow up, and listening to his latest offering, one is definitely struck with a feeling of progression. This is definitely an album that needs a set of speakers to bring out the full, round beats that support soaring melodies and warm harmonies. While some tracks may edge too close to euphoria for some listeners' tastes, many are kept in check by a muted, introspective quality, thanks to excellent production and attention to detail. This is perfect for watching the sunset or to envelop oneself with on a cloudy day. (Kompakt)