Kaito Hundred Million Light Years

If you like melodic techno, don’t miss this album. Kaito, aka Japanese producer Hiroshi Watanabe, lays down nine tracks of spacey grooves and hypnotic beats. It’s trance-y, but not "trance.” The tracks are all melody-driven, and are underpinned by simple drums and nearly unnoticeable bass lines. The best ones are "Natural Source,” "Nobody Could Be Alone” and "The Universe,” which combine a pulsating groove with great melodies. Once in a while, the constant melodiousness gets to be a little much, and it verges on easy listening, especially on tracks like "Holding A Baby” and "Life Goes On.” Blips like these make listening straight through a bit of a chore, if you are in the wrong mood. But if the DJs out there need something soaring to open or close a set, this could be your best option. (Kompakt)