Kahn/Müller Blinks

Within the space of nine relatively brief "blinks,” Jason Kahn and Günter Müller create, inhabit and leave behind nine distinct but related viewpoints. Not unlike Muller’s earlier solo work, Eight Landscapes, the topography of these pieces have their peaks and valleys blended as though viewed from a very great height. Instead of mountaintops and rivers winding, perceived are deep wrinkles and dimples lining surfaces. Resonance plays a large part here with bell-like sounds travelling through liquid atmospheres like sonar, or the crisp clinks of mountaineering picks echoing off rock faces. This has the effect of further detailing the individually bas-relief backgrounds. Brevity insures that boredom never becomes an issue as the next snapshot is revealed and given to scrutinise. While each piece is difficult to draw meaning from, taken together, the series gains movement and perspective, like a satellite weather map coming to life. (For4Ears)