K. Sparks

Tomorrow Today

BY Mark BozzerPublished Apr 5, 2011

Hailing from Fitty's neck of the woods (South Jamaica, Queens to be exact), this NYC rapper has been diligently working the underground circuit and racking up numerous mixtapes, guest appearances and plenty of positive buzz. His latest album, Tomorrow Today, is a solid piece of modern hip-hop that has a vintage '90s feel. With a wide variety of beats served up by producer Pajozo, K. Sparks stretches out on an album that has a very laidback vibe that will have older heads reminiscing about pushing their parents' whips around the suburbs in the summertime, pumping the stock stereo to the limit. Whether over the smoothed-out groove of "Everyday Struggle," featuring Charmingly Ghetto, or posted-up spitting darts on the reggae-flavoured "He Said, She Said," featuring Jeff Chery, this able MC showcases his versatile flow and diverse taste in beats. If he keeps moving in this direction, K. Sparks most certainly will attain what he's striving for tomorrow, today.
(Double Up)

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