K. Forest When It's All Said and Done

K. Forest When It's All Said and Done
Toronto rapper K. Forest has just released his new EP,. When It's All Said and Done, his first since 2016 debut Eyes of the Taiga. This EP embodies a new direction in sound and growth from the Brampton native.
Since Forest's debut, he's released a number of singles leading up to When It's All Said and Done. Tracks like "Easy Way," "Same Energy" and "Reasons" contained a different sound than what he'd presented before. His new explorations in R&B shows the rapper's ability to change styles effortlessly.
This EP has a seductive, melodic sound that separates him from the moody-trap approach that Toronto artists are known for. In tracks like "Bout That," Forest's eerie vocals are accompanied by bouncy, early 2000s R&B beats, with a slight tinge of trap influence. This can be credited to the sensational production by Grammy-nominated producers Bizness Boi and fwdslxsh.
The short EP gives a little taste of what Forest has in store. His style continues to evolve, and you can tell there's growth from his experiences. The city and the world are waiting for his next move, but for now, this EP can help pass the time. (Independent)