K-Pet Connection

While most artists tend to shirk musical labels, Kitchener-Waterloo quartet K-Pet readily defines its sound as "neo-lounge." Based on an organic foundation of guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums, K-Pet's songs fuse traditional jazz with experimental electronica to create textured grooves haunted by singer Natalia Lobach's ethereal vocals. The jazz-based rhythms are often reminiscent of Saint Germain, while Lobach's sultry siren calls echo Delerium's Kristy Thirsk. Throughout Connection, the winding guitar licks, shimmering harmonies, and deep rhythms take flight through Lobach's soaring vocals. While the disc doesn't stray too far from drowsy waters, it's evident that K-Pet know what kind of music they want to make. They call it "neo-lounge" and it sounds wonderful. (Independent)