K-os Frustrates Fans with Anchorman Mixtape No-show, Postpones Release to Monday

K-os Frustrates Fans with <i>Anchorman Mixtape</i> No-show, Postpones Release to Monday
K-os had all of his fans excited today (August 6) with the announcement that his new Anchorman Mixtape would drop. The mix, which features ten new tracks and collaborations with Drake and Sebastien Grainger, was supposed to appear at this link earlier today. But instead, eager fans watched a countdown clock finally reach zero only to get no mixtape.

 Fans were understandably irked in the comments section, especially when an administrator wrote, "We regret to inform you that the release of the MixTape has been postponed indefinitley [sic]. Keep checking back for details."

A user named "Frustrated" wrote, "For an artist doing his first U.S. tour ever, he needs to have his act together. More likely, his MANAGEMENT. k-os is an amazing artist. He needs to have his management up to the same level. First order of business, fire this marketing/hosting/release team."

One fan had even taken the day off work to check out the new release.

Quick to respond, K-os took to his Facebook fan page, where he simply wrote "Mixtape MONDAY."

Fans who haven't been left with too bad of a taste in their mouth should keep an eye on the same link on Monday (August 9) and hope that they won't be disappointed yet again.

UPDATE: The mixtape is now online for a limited time. Click here for the download.