Jyotisavedanga Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum

Jyotisavedanga Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum
Much like the lost, intra-dimensional spacecraft in Event Horizon, the sonic anomaly that is Jyotisavadenga have drawn from an unknown and hellish pool of inspiration, setting a trap of particular malice for those wayward listeners who would listen to Thermogravometry Warp Continuum.
Reflecting a threadbare broadcast of radio waves, one must quite literally pass through a barrier of noise distortion that clouds an even more punishing glimpse into the true nature of the universe: Unrelenting, violent and exceedingly primal.
Music and noise are made one as the instrumentation is nearly overwhelmed by feedback and a vocal performance that perfectly reflects the vacuum of space, swallowing all else with yawning enormity to inspire genuine unease. The vocals are favoured so heavily in the mix that it threatens to diminish all else. In reflecting a sense of cosmic horror, it works, but feels slightly out of place as Jyotisavadenga's actual playing is dampened as a result.
But it is testament to the nitrous potency of their musicality that even in the mouth of that black hole, Jyotisavadenga retain an absurd potency. "Protocol Hyper Sterilization on Initialize" lures the listener through the wall of noise with the raw blast of Tetragrammacide (with whom they share members) injected with some intoxicating death metal groove. By the end one only wishes it was a little more up front.
Even despite its noticeable imbalance, Thermogravometry Warp Continuum's strengths can carry the extra weight and makes it a lethal creation. (Larval Productions)