Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop the Feeling" (video)

Justin Timberlake 'Can't Stop the Feeling' (video)
Justin Timberlake recently returned with a brand new single from the upcoming Trolls movie titled "Can't Stop the Feeling." It was released alongside a singalong first listen clip, in which the singer shared the track with his colleagues and captured their reactions on tape, but now the same catchy tune has been treated to an official music video.
It finds JT indulging in some pie at a diner, going grocery shopping and even challenging one of those inflatable, wavy-armed guys to a dance-off. The friendly folks around him prove that they are also, in fact, unable to fight the feeling and break out in dance at barber shops, laundromats, car washes, supermarkets, donut shops — wherever they are when the song hits them and takes control.
Watch the fun, feel-good clip for "Can't Stop the Feeling" below.