Justin Kace

The Cube, Winnipeg MB, August 15

Photo: Shawn Fillion

BY Anthony AugustinePublished Aug 16, 2014

Handling the early evening slot on the first night at the Cube can be a difficult one. People are just making their way to the area after work and many are drawn to the beer garden, not the dance floor. But that didn't stop Sanctuary resident and T204.ca's Justin Kace (a.k.a. Sebastian Podsiadlo) from diving deep into tactful, rolling techno that showcased just how far he has come from his spacious dub techno set in 2012 at MEME.

Having just performed at Saskatchewan's annual Connect Festival, Kace's groovier tracks seemed to resonate with the crowd. Cuts like Hollen's remix of Hugo Bianco's "Eye Phone" built the intensity, while Paride Saraceni's rework of Oscar Aguilera's "Big Show" and Hollen's "Scarlett" filled the Cube with the type of big-system techno that feels tailor-made for the outdoors. Considering the time slot and the sweltering heat, Kace handled opening duties admirably, building on the carefully considered selections and tight mixing skills he has become known for.

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