Justin Bieber Turns Marilyn Manson Shirt into His Own $200 Merch Item

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 19, 2016

Well, we finally have the answer to millennia's old riddle "When is a Marilyn Manson shirt not a Marilyn Manson shirt?" It turns out that a new clothing promotion between Justin Bieber and New York retailer Barneys has the Purpose singer passing off an old T-shirt of Mechanical Animals-era Manson as his own.

Unveiled this week, the clothing campaign includes a sleeveless piece that, well, repurposes an old Marilyn Manson T-shirt, sporting both the rock ghoul's face and name on the front. On the back, it reads "Bigger Than Satan" in bold red letters, with Bieber's name posted in white just below. The item had been worn in concert by Bieber earlier this year during his Purpose tour and was designed by Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God fashion line.

A listing through Barneys adds that the sleeveless shirt is just "part of a selection of highly coveted items inspired by Justin Bieber's world tour." If you're a fan of the mash-up, we hope you've got some deep pockets, as the Barney's-branded shirt will set you back $195 USD. If, however, you're fine with just repping the Antichrist Superstar, you can pick up the O.G. for $17 through the Hot Topic website.

In related news, Manson has announced his next album release. An interview with the goth-glam veteran at the Alternative Press Music Awards last night (July 18) had him explaining that his next album is titled Say10 (try saying it out loud), and that it should be out by February 14, 2017. The record will be his 10th overall and acts as the follow-up to last year's The Pale Emperor

While details on Manson's latest record are slim, here's hoping he ends up pressing up new copies of Purpose and just writes his own name on the bottom.

You can see Manson's announcement interview down below, courtesy of Alternative Press.

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