Just About To Burn Just About To Burn

Besides turning in a disc full of rustic charm, Just About to Burn have also done something some felt impossible: dethrone the Corrs as group with the hottest female drummer. Say all you want about catching Mo Tucker in the right light, you’re lying to yourself, that Corrs girl ruled the competition with a bat and nail gun. Until now that is. Monica "Lil’ Mo” Samalot is her name, and along with her fronting band Breadfoot and Paleface (someone probably finds it charming) Just About to Burn are a New York City-based modern mountain music collective. Their music goes beyond just a genre experiment though. Mixing pop songwriting with a country-blues delivery, the band’s songs will work for any listener as they avoid any overt stylistic indulgence. Balancing this pop emphasis while keeping your tracks feeling pleasantly rusted and worn is a difficult task and the band pull it off effortlessly. Their sound is capped off by Paleface’s Tom Waits-inspired wilting croon that adds another layer of authenticity to the group’s sound. Timeless, simplistic and warm, Just About to Burn and definitely worth looking out for. (Art Monkey)