Jury Duty, Caroline Polachek Has Been Called into You

Welcome to her court room

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 5, 2024

Last year, Caroline Polachek released what some might call a criminally good album with Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. She's not above the law, however, which is why the pop star has been called for jury duty.

On Instagram, Polachek posted a selfie of her wearing a snazzy looking blazer with the number "6" on it. The caption reads, "'Take a couple weeks off,' they said. 'It'll be fun they said,'" indicating that she is now spending her break on jury duty.

She used Charli XCX's new single "Club classics" as the music for the post.

It's not clear if Polachek will actually serve on a jury, or if she has come armed with an excuse and plans to get out of it. She currently doesn't have any tour dates booked, so it's possible that her schedule is free enough for her to serve.


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