'Jurassic Park' Soundtrack Treated to Deluxe Vinyl Reissue via Mondo

'Jurassic Park' Soundtrack Treated to Deluxe Vinyl Reissue via Mondo
Notice a small ripple moving across your water glass these days? If you think it could be caused by an oncoming T-Rex, you might not be that far off, as soundtrack archivists Mondo have revealed plans to deliver a new vinyl version of John Williams' score to Jurassic Park.

Murmurings of the soundtrack release have existed for months now, with the film's visual artist Phil Tippett most recently posting a photo of himself holding a pair of vinyl variants earlier in the week. Now, the Mondo team have fully confirmed that the soundtrack is due out as a double-LP release on June 11, marking the 21st anniversary of the film's North American opening date.

Two versions of the set will be available, with the first featuring artwork from JC Richard. Most of the records are being pressed up on traditional black vinyl, but special "Dilophosaurus"-coloured vinyl — a mix of green, red and yellow — will be inserted into random copies.

An alternate version will feature exclusive, all-new art from Dan McCarthy, showing off the skeleton of a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, with Mondo employees no doubt utilizing Chaos Theory to rationalize how they divvy out the limited-edition copies of this set on translucent amber vinyl.

You'll see pictures of both editions up above and can find the tracklisting to Williams' score down below, unless, of course, you just got shot in the face with some Dilophosaurus venom or run into a cluster of razor talon-armed "clever girls."

Williams' Jurassic Park soundtrack received various format releases back in 1993, with two vinyl variants showing up in Brazil and North America, the latter of which being a picture disc release. Mondo's repress is the first vinyl edition of the score in over 20 years.

In other Mondo news, the label recently revealed on Austin radio that its next release will be the score to 1979 cult sci-fi classic The Visitor, though further details have yet to be released.

Jurassic Park Soundtrack:

1. Opening Titles
2. Theme from Jurassic Park
3. Incident at Isla Nublar
4. Journey to the Island
5. The Raptor Attack
6. Hatching Baby Raptor
7. Welcome to Jurassic Park
8. My Friend, the Brachiosaurus
9. Dennis Steals the Embryo
10. A Tree for My Bed
11. High-Wire Stunts
12. Remembering Petticoat Lane
13. Jurassic Park Gate
14. Eye to Eye
15. T-Rex Rescue & Finale
16. End Credits