Junta Junta

This self-titled CD demo is truly one of the best musical displays I've heard in the past year. It's a mere four songs in length, but these four songs take the popular sounds of present day extreme music and turn them inside out like the NYPD does a Haitian national "brought downtown for questioning." Seemingly influenced by a mixture of Swedish death metal, melodic Florida core and Northeast noisecore, this trio mix and mash and bash those sounds, complement the result with a variety of brash vocal styles, some off-beat timings and the occasional acoustic foray to produce some of the most energetic, exciting and musically astute metal/hardcore around. Junta has yet to be sullied and pillaged by the slimy tentacles of the music industry, but I can't imagine why all manner of contractual bullshit won't be thrust upon them in the near future. Quite possibly the best unsigned band in North America right now. (Independent)