Jungle Rot

What Horrors Await

BY Bill WhishPublished Jun 22, 2009

In the world of metal, the adage has always seemed to be that "the faster you can play, the more extreme you are." This was the mantra for the early thrash scene, as bands like Slayer and Testament sped into metal immortality by attempting to out-thrash one another. Nowadays, we have bands like Jungle Rot, who despite having obvious thrash and death metal influences choose to keep the pace of their songs in more of a mid-range (at least, compared to their predecessors). The groove-based death metal emitted is still just as brutal but not quite as fast. This brings about the whole "less is more idea" to the songwriting, and the final result is a very simple but very classic-sounding release. At the mid-pace tempo the obvious hardcore influences also shine through but fret not: these guys don't have lip rings, sleeve tats and a propensity for doing roundhouse kicks. They're still metal as fuck.

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