Jungle "Busy Earnin'"/ "Time" (live on 'Kimmel')

Jungle 'Busy Earnin''/ 'Time' (live on 'Kimmel')
With Jungle's self-titled label debut swinging into stores in a month's time, the UK soul gang have begun to hit the late-night market to help promote the set. A double-dip of danceable previews were delivered last night (June 16) on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"Busy Earnin'" was played on the broadcast edition of the program and found the multi-membered collective bringing the funk number to life with wriggly synths, bass-poppin' licks, mass brass and various pieces of percussion. The menacing disco melodies of "Time" were delivered under the chilling glow of azure lights, adding an extra moody air to the performance.

You'll catch both tracks in the video players down below.

As previously reported, Jungle arrives July 15 via XL.

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